Social Distancing

This week the government has laid out its initial guidelines to allow Coffee Shops, Pubs & Restaurants to reopen in some capacity.  Taking all of the available information into consideration, we have in turn begun to plan our stages of reopening. It is important to stress that at the centre of any plans is the health and safety of our customers and your loved ones, and that of our staff.

Whilst we are really excited to be opening again in some capacity, it is important to reiterate that Social Distancing is still in force, and we will be supporting this fully. There will be clear instructions for service & queueing, and we ask for your patience and cooperation with these new measures.

Its really important that these social distancing measures are adhered to & and ask again for your support and understanding.

Once again, we are incredibly excited to be opening our doors (albeit partially) and seeing our customers once again!

Many Thanks,

The Club Café Team


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